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Charlestons Leader in Pest Solutions

Proudly Locally Owned and Operated 



Living in the Lowcountry it is only a matter of time until you are introduced to the many bugs and critters that also call this city home. My name is Bradley Bostwick and after living in Charleston for the last 20 years I have made it my mission to provide the best quality of home pest services for the community I live in. Pleasant Pest Solutions goes above and beyond not to just be another pest control company but to be YOUR pest control company..



Bi-Monthly Pest

6 exterior pest services a year to keep all common household pests at bay. Inside service will be provided as needed with a free reservice in-between services upon request.

Rodent Exclusion

In the Lowcountry as development continues there is less and less habitats available for rodents and other critters. We offer exclusion services or sealing of all entryways exceeding 1/4" to ensure no rodents can come and go into your home.

Monthly Mosquito 

Our mosquito program runs March through October of each year. This is 8 exterior yard treatments a year to minimize the presence of mosquitos in your yard.

Moisture Control

Without the proper care a crawlspace can develop a number of problems pertaining to moisture. Here at Pleasant Pest Solutions we offer Vapor Barrier Installation, Insulation Hanging, and Crawlspace clean outs when needed.

Termite Liquid Treatment

We offer a Liquid Termiticide Treatment for our customers to protect your homes foundation from termites along with annual inspections to keep eyes on any potential shelter tubes, moisture damage, or otherwise concerning areas on the home that may arise!



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